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LF 402 Metabolic: análisis de metabolismo in vivo

El LF402 Metabolic es un instrumento de investigación para el análisis del metabolismo celular usando un patrón de fluorescencia característico. Usa una sonda de fibra óptica que permite experimentos superficiales o muy poco invasivos en tejidos vivos.

LF402 Metabolic

Descripción del fabricante:

The LF402 Metabolic is a research instrument for the assessment of tissue metabolism by using the uv-induced intrinsic fluorescence pattern. The tool for the scientist is a fibre-optic probe. It enables superficial and minimal invasive experiments on living tissues.

Main technical characteristics are a pulsed uv-laser, a sophisticated dual-channel time-gated signal detection and the optimised method of data analysis.

The uv-induced fluorescence is related to the intra-cellular NADH concentration which in turn is dependent on the metabolic activity in the area of observation. This NADH dependent signal is referenced with a second signal largely not correlated with NADH. In this way a meaningful indicator of the tissue’s redox potential is generated that is quite robust against varying tissue optical properties or artefacts.

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