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LF 500 NanoScan: Fluorescence lifetime microplate fluorometer

LF 500 NanoScanLos fluorímetros NanoScan son lectores de placas multifuncionales para una amplia variedad de medidas avanzadas en investigación y high-throughput screening. Además de los métodos habituales fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence y luminiscencia, los nuevos métodos fast time-resolved fluorescence y fluorescence lifetime ofrecen una nueva forma de desarrollar ensayos homogéneos muy robustos, y de usarlos en HTS. El fluorescence lifetime es la base de los ensayos FLEXYTE® para screening de protein kinases.

Laser-induced fluorescence 
The realisation of an innovative laser concept resulted in a robust, durable and flexible light source, that suits optimally to time-resolved fluorescence measurements, but overcomes the limitations of other laser systems to single wavelengths. By a simply replacing of one laser module with another virtually every excitation wavelength between 337 nm und 785 nm may be selected within seconds. The "Filter-Selection Guide" provides an overview over optimal filter combinations of common fluorescence labels. 

Sensitive detection of fluorescence 
Optimised emission filters enable the user to measure sample fluorescence in all plate formats highly sensitive in top-reading mode. Laser modules and emission filters for the detection of almost all fluorescence markers are available. A sophisticated optical apparatus focuses excitation light into the microplate wells, thus eliminating crosstalk problems. To measure FRET or other double-labelled assays with one excitation and two different emission wavelengths efficiently and with low sample impact, an optional second measuring channel may be implemented. 

Measuring fluorescence lifetime 
The short-pulse laser forms the basis to measure fluorescence lifetimes - but the core of the instrument is a highly developed electronic concept. It permits to measure lifetimes over a range of 1 ns to 20,000 ns without reducing sensitivity or increasing measuring time and thus overcomes the limitations of other techniques such as time-correlated single photon counting. 
For lanthanide-based luminescence assays the optionally integrated TRF mode offers both to measure the gated luminescence intensity (TRF) and the luminescence lifetime up to the range of 1 ms. 

Nano-TRF (fast gated fluorescence) 
Besides the measurement of fluorescence lifetimes this mode offers a "gated" fluorescence measurement. Analogous to the well-known TRF measuring method, where from a defined instant after the excitation impulse (typical 50 µs) for a defined period (typical 100 µs ... 500 µs) intensity is measured, by mouse-click you may select an arbitrary measuring period between 0 ns and 20,000 ns with arbitrary delay to the laser pulse. The Nano-TRF technique has proven its advantages at suppressing background (compound) fluorescence signal contributions in homogeneous assay formats in High Throughput Screening. 

Los fluorímetros NanoScan pueden integrarse con un sistema de manejo de placas.

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